RSA - The Good Life
I wanted to produce a health app for this brief, I had to think about what made my app different from other apps and what would make people use my app. I thought about the main reasons to why people do not use health apps or get bored with them. I also thought about the reasons to why people do not stick to diets. 
I thought about creating a diet app that you wouldn't have to change the food you brought but instead it would create meal plans with these items but in a healthier away, as I thought that the main reason why people do not stick to diets is that they can't be bothered to buy the healthier food or think it is too expensive. The app would give you health warnings depending on the information you inputted and would be able to link with your social media to interact with your friends. The app is also interlinked with your doctors, meaning they can see what food you are and are not eating.