RaceRice Reviews Project
This is a project to discuss what RaceRice is all about and how we were inspired to make the designs that we have for it now. RaceRice was started and inspired by Stephanie Rice, a now retired Olympic gold medalist and world record holder swimmer.

Therefore when we were thinking of the design, we had to make sure that it embodied what Stephanie Rice had envisioned in her mind for young athletes to enjoy.
As you can see above, these are the final designs we made up for the supercharged bars, initial products by RaceRice, that we feel will ultimately allow young kids, especially athletes, to easily recognize our product.
What RaceRice is All About
RaceRice is all about the young athlete and their moms and dads. These days, you can find a lot of new products that are supposedly healthy but in reality have food substitutes which are bad for the body.

Racerice supercharged bars have not only put RaceRice Reviews on the Map but have also assures everyone that what you eat are delicious bars that are free from all those nasties like cane sugar, fillers, artificial colours and preservatives and are nut and gluten free for those nitpicky bodies. We want you to perform your best and have fun at the same!