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    Art Direction / Graphic Design: Kuro Strada Illustration / Lettering: Abraham Lule Photography: Observatorio
L’Osteria de il Duomo is an italian restaurant in the city of Querétaro, México that specializes in traditional cuisine with the most honest and crafted recipes. Just as the description of the word is, Osterias in Italy are places that serves wine and simple food, with local specialities, a short menu and shared tables in rural regions. In this case, Grupo Pasta commissioned us to brand their new restaurant with the goal of taking this concept into the next level of premiumness and authenticity.
As a non-italian-speaker region, the name strangely communicates 'Oysters' for some people in the market, and the design should cue italian as a main priority. With that in mind, our process constructed a story to set the restaurant in a natural environment. Traditional pasta catalogs founded at 'Nostalgia Shops', Italian old street signs, market signs, fish, pasta and meat wrapping papers from the 'Macellerias' (butcher's shop in Italy) and Florentine vignettes served as inspiration to both create content in communication and design.
A logotype including 3 custom letterings, a custom typeface in use across all the stationery, and a serie of pencil illustrations were crafted to detail as a reminiscence of the incredible and delicious labor behind each italian dish.
Inaguration Invitation
Wine, drinks and food menu
Check presenter
Custom matchbox
Custom signage for toilets
Carry-out bag
Wine gift-packaging
Customize objects for environmental