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    Macys store closing and the slow death of retail
A glimpse into the death of retail. The news outlets will tell you stories of retailers shuttering stores. Its a passing thought and/or a hard look at business. For some it is a hard blow. In the end it might be a big blow to us all. Always remember the stories behind the doors. Never be the person just looking for the deal. The lives that intertwine in these outlets are something you cant realize until you are part of it. Unless you've been part of any business closing you really cant understand the depths. The lucky ones here are in a Macy's store located in a city with two other stores. Lots of luck there. Yes, many are pushed into retiring or taking severance. Others find the next best position they'll have. Its part of life's path... grief, growth and change.
This too shall pass.
In the meantime take a look into the change of a storefront. Floors and fixtures slowly empty. Eventually, to nothing. On the last day I arrived about 1/2 hour before the doors shut to the public for the last time.