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20 selected logotypes


20 selected logotypes.
Showcase of selected logotypes&identity preveiw.
Works for clients.

Cutheads   |   Barbershop

Gzhel   |   Moscow State Academic Dance Theater

Junior Club World Cup   |   Kontinental Hockey League

Julia Shakirova   |   Fashion Designer

Bali   |  

Escapade games   |   LA Quest Rooms

Vanili   |   Dance School

Resto Store   |  Restaurants Delivery

Fan Fan   |  Flower Shop

Rempli   |  Food Delivery

Dikiy Draiv   |  St. Petersburg Extreme Wild Drive

Goliath   |   Gym

OBJECT   |  Concept of the System Unit

Cussa   |   Interior Design

Wineaccs   |   Wine Accessories

Escapade games   |   LA Quest Rooms (second version)

Wineaccs   |   Wine Accessories

Denis Vasilchenko   |   Performancer artist

Spinach and salmon   |   Pie shop

Florida   |   Flover shop

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20 selected logotypes

20 selected logotypes

Showcase of selected logotypes & identity preveiw.