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Autodrome ST
This oval autodrome opened in 1923 and is abandoned since the 50's. The circuit has a length around 2 kilometers, and are striking their banked 60 degrees or more. This is the place were the first Grand Prix of Spain was driven in 1923.
The racetrack was designed by "Jaume Metres I Fossas" and was built in only 300 days at a cost of 4 million Pesetas. Because of the high cost for the construction the racetrack needed a lot of crowd attending the races. Unfortunately there was not so much crowd showing up. Because of that the organization could not provide good monetary awards to the pilots for their victories. This seriously affected the reputation of the circuit, and that was added to the complaints of the pilots banked by high (60 to 90 degrees), affecting the safety of driving. So in 1925 no longer races were made. It took until 1932 that races were made thanks to a new investor. On May 29 1955 the cars ran in the circuit for the last time…
Now in 2012 the racetrack is in private hands. In may of 2012 a car company has a agreement to hire 5 laps to drive with Ferrari's, Porsches inside the oval.