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Turning a pebble into a gem
GEM FEST | Georgian Electronic Music Festival 2015
Dancing On The Cutting Edge

When we created the concept for GEM Fest, we wanted to embellish it with as many different meanings and connotations as possible, just as the rather long-winded full title of the Georgian Electronic Music Festival contains the word ‘gem’ in its name: a precious stone, hidden away in an unsuspecting cut of rock. Or, as in our case, bursting out of the rock. This burst of power and display of a beautiful and immensely valuable core lies at the heart of our festival.

GEM Fest was conceived as an international, multi-platform festival to celebrate the most illustrious, the brightest, and the best in youth culture, dance music and stagecraft today. The supernovas and bright young stars of the global electronic scene, the most dazzling developments in modern art, and the most passionate trailblazers and trendsetters; choreographers, art directors, designers, photographers, cinematographers, DJs, video artists and even athletes—we love anything that makes you turn your head and say, ‘Brilliant!’. We want our festival to bring together not only the most lustrous and renowned pearls from all over the world, but also a handful of uncut diamonds; we want to provide a platform for the realisation of unbridled artistic potential and help to uncover the priceless gem that is hidden in every artistic talent. We want to bring you all together in one place—on the cutting edge—and make you dance.

What we are doing can be summed up in just one phrase: ‘It’s an absolute gem!’ We want these to be the words which greet you as you cross the Inguri River, dazzled by the view over all Anaklia. We hope that these will be the words you use to describe what you have seen, heard and felt here. (fragment of the release)
The entire 'stone' theme appeared not by itself, but because the client had already registered the company named 'Epic Stone' and was firmly intended to give this name to a prospective (dance music!) festival. We managed to talk them out of this not really good idea, having offered 'a gem stone' concept instead. 
The prototype (hiddenite gem stone) was found on ebay for $10.
Searching for a perfect shape
We turned the stone vertically giving it a heart shape and then highlighted the bursting element.
Plastic personal multi passes
One of videos we made during the promo campaign in which we'd presented the brand’s ID, explaining the connection between the logo, the name and the concept. The ambiguous slogan was visualized by shining cutting edge of our gem stone, symbolizing hidden potential and talents.
Web site (*the client redesigned it later and now it looks... ugh... different)
Artist poster
Artists billboards
Bojan Bošković — sound, light, stage constructions, marketing strategy, consulting.
Emil Berar  — sound, light, video, technical conduct of the main stage.
Mladen Hrvanović — spatial architecture, design of the main stage, installations, the venue design.
Masha Kuznetsova, Tanja Sharonova aka Freak Fabrique — installations, spatial architecture.
Daria Boychenko, Ekaterina Boychenko aka DIII — dance support, performances.
Oleksandr Demianenko — photo, video directing, camera, cut, sound, GEM movie fest curator.
Mara Fauque — design, web-design, visual solutions, production management, content moderating, art-directing.
Natasha Kto Nado — naming, branding, marketing & PR, copywriting, 1st AD, creative directing.
Mitya Neft and Oleg Pletnev aka Mantis Religiosa — fashion design, the team’s clothes.
Vadim Epstein — VJ-ing, GEM video-art festival curating.
Andrew Goshva — regional marketing and promotion.
Tato Kharchilava, Biko Birbichadze — booking.
Boris Šašić, Andrew Kozelkov — the main stage construction.
Maxim Bobrov — programming and system administrating.
Sandro Gabilaia and JWT Metro — video equipment and production.
Peter Shvets-Shevchenko — the venue manager.
Lasha Tsurtsumia — executive manager.
Ilya Vinokurov, Andrew Reva — camera.
Katerina Kozelkova, Louisa Chalatashvili — photo.
Alexander Bagrationi-Davidoff — local PR, photo.
ZEVS Design & Printing House — print production.
Tamara Ninidze — sails, ticket office, logistic.
Igor Chopenko — 3D design.
Turning a pebble into a gem

Turning a pebble into a gem