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    Logo Design for eSports Organisation
TOVL - A South African MGO

Team Overlords is an MGO here in SA. The clan is owned by myself and a bunch of friends, originally being founded by a few friends that played a lot of League of Legends. Since they have stopped using the clan, I've decided to try and a progress the organisation myself. It won't be soon, but once I have enough free time, I aim to head up TOVL as one of the biggest and most professional MGOs in South Africa.
After a few sketches, it seemed the best fitting idea of an "Overlord" would be a glaring face and sharp edges. The above concept was my favourite, the idea behind it being a skull-ish look and spikes all around. The leader of TOVL approved, and I then started on the digital construction.
The basic structure of the logo is striking and fierce, but lacked a few finer details. I added shadows on the edges and around the eyes to give a depth to the image, and that seemed to do the trick.
Comparing the logo to the original sketch, I could see that it was still the kind of logo I was looking for, confirming that it had not deviated from its original purpose, and still held true.
A few renders, with different text and gradient variations are below. 
Below are some steam AVI's that the players will be using during matches
If you would like work done for your own logo just like this, please contact me at nic@nthpro.co.za, or find me on twitter @I_am_the_nth.