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    Final Major Project
Do, Die, Retry
Emotions in Video Games - Final Major Project
Gamers don’t just play to complete games, like readers don’t read just to finish books. Gamers play to feel emotions and achieve a unique experience. Games can be used to feel excitement, fear or even accomplishment. They can be used as a social tool so the player feels like he or she is part of a team. In this project I wanted to research different emotions that are experienced in playing video games, both positive and negative. Why do these feeling occur, what are the consequences if there are any. What feelings are the most often felt and which are more rare. 

The point of this project it to show the wide variety ofemotions games can cause. I wish enlighten non gamers as to why so many people like playing video games, and perhaps inspire gamers who stick to a specific genre to broaden their gaming routines.

Autumn 2011 / Spring 2012