Animal-Food Hybrids
My indie graphic design project submitted for assessment in the course 'Developing Graphic Design' at Edinburgh College of Art (2016/17 Term 2).
Texture is surface quality of an object that can be touched and felt. It can be rough or smooth or show some patterns.  Textures can evoke different emotions and bring life into graphic design. Most of the time it suggests the way things feel or look. Because the texture and colour have a significant role in graphic design creation, these are what I mainly reflect on the final pieces. Together with shapes/forms, the visual and rational linkages seen on each piece of the animal-food hybrids get stronger.  In addition, the project represents the technique of mixing the 2 dimensional with the 3 dimensional elements from photography as well.
This project includes 6 pieces of the animal-food hybrids;
Hedgiwi (Hedgehog + Kiwi)
Wousilli (Worm + Fusilli)
Croccoli (Crocodile + Broccoli)
Caulisheep (Cauliflower + Sheep)
Snuff Swirl (Snail + Puff swirl)
Ladybomato (Ladybug + Tomato)
The project can be used in co-oporation with supermarkets. The presentation boards is to show how this graphic design and illustration can be used for corporate marketing materials, especially for supermarkets in the future. I picked Sainsbury’s as an example because it is among the most popular supermarkets in Edinburgh and the UK. Another reason is they have that orange as their corporate colour and I think it fits my project nicely as its meanings go around joy, enthusiasm, warmth, fun, happiness, creativity and sunshine for example.  Besides, since my visual language of this project is quite playful and obviously suitable for children, I picked Sainsbury's rather than very hi-end premium stores like Mark & Spencer.  Although Tesco seems to be more popular retailer but I think their visual identity less matches my project because they use stiff and bold typography and strong colours like red and blue.
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There are some pieces that I did not include in my final work because they have weaker linkages than others.  For example, the mantis below, it is true that their shapes and green colours can fit together but a cucumber has a sense of heaviness that makes their mass different while a mantis is just a small insect; its weight is very light. Another weak piece is the mice with a peanut body, where there seems to be no connection between a peanut's texture and the real body of a mice. The only two things that fit are the shape and the light brown colours.  The texture of a peanut is dry and very rough so it is quite hard to resonate with a texture on a mice's body (unless it is a dead mice).
Animal-Food Hybrids
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