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    Infographic portraying the worldwide workplace injuries and fatalities with topten countries, gender and age.
Infographic showing the injury and illness stats across the world of workers
Across the worldworkers are injured and made ill everyday. Regrettably many area alsokilled. This infographic shows the statistics of the countries thatare the worse perpetrators. We show the top ten countries in bothwork fatalities and injuries displaying both against the UK and USAfor comparison.

Also exhibited is abreak down of injuries and fatalities across gender and age.

The statistics arecalculated per each 100,000 so it is a fair account regardless thesize of each country. The results may surprise you as you would thinkthat all the worse offenders would be undeveloped countries with poorhealth and safety but this isn't the case.

From this piece you can see how likely you are to be injured at work from your location, age and sex.

Created for www.AtriumLegal.com The brief was to design an infographic to promote the site and convay interesting information that Atrium deal with and affects their clients.