This is my personal project about my impressions of the nature from Bologna/Italy 2017.
I had 4 days to collect my forest experience, I visited some parks: Parco del Paleotto, Parco Della Chiusa, Monte Paderno Park, Villa Ghigi Park and also the city park Giardini Margherita and the botanical garden Orto Botanico. I was painting in my sketchbook as if I was writing a book, a story. You can see below my favorite pages of this (sketch)book.
In the garden of the house where I lived in Bologna. I don't know what is there, but it looks like a tiny house of an artist.
"L'ourson maladroit va dans le bois" — it's name and logo of my Forest diary project (I have a web-site: An approximate translation of this phrase from French is "The clumsy bear walks in the forest" (а на русский я перевожу это как "Мишка косолапый по лесу идет").
Thank you for watching!