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Bikeology exhibition
Exhibition & Signage
Bikeology Exhibition, 2016
exhibition design - Studio Nomad
curator - Kúltúrgorilla
The bicycle is an exceptional design achievement. However, due to the social changes of the last century, it can no longer be considered a simple piece of transportation or sports equipment: the bicycle has become the driving force behind social mobility and sustainable economy.

We are witnessing a real bike revolution these days: more and more of us choose the bicycle in our urbanizing world, as a clean and cost-effective alternative to transportation, as a lifestyle or as a means of identity construction and community building.
Contemporary designers responding to this trend create objects and systems supporting urban cycling en masse.
The Bikeology exhibition illustrates the importance of design within the development of urban cycling using
a cross section of contemporary movements, through the triple scale of the individual, the city, and the world.
Whether about practice or self-expression, city development or business, integration, or environmental sustainability, design creates an opportunity for more people to swing into the saddle to make the world go around together.

Transforming the routes in a  creative way was the core motif of the installation. These elements narrate the whole exhibition as an abstract guide. The marked path draws out islands and forms junctions. It leads the visitors throughout the exhibition with its characteristic form while distinguishing the presented objects from its surroundings, the exhibition space’s Art Nouveau style.

Year: 2016
Location: Museum of Applied Arts/Budapest
Client: Hungarian Museum of Sience, Technology and Transport
Installations and exhibition design: Studio Nomad
Graphic design: Kata Kerekes, Anikó Kuthi
Photos: Balazs Danyi

floor plan
shaping the pedestals
Studio Nomad’s three interactive installations were displayed as part of the exhibition: the drawing machine, the windmachine and the odometer. These showed the alternative useage of a bicycle in an interactive way.
Soma rides the odometer
David makes some wind
Bence draws in one line artwork
recycled rubber covering
Bikeology exhibition

Bikeology exhibition

Exhibition design for Bikeology exhibition
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