Concept Art illustration for my personal Project called "T-13S" with sci-fi environments and back stories. 2016
Transborder 66
New concept art from scratch for my personal project called T-13S 
Backstory: "Huge ships from mechanical nation called Transborders come regularly to collect captured humans, prisoners and rebels."
Another new concept from my T-13S project. This one is called "Exploration". 
Digital painting from scratch. 
Backstory: "A squadron of rebel pilots are exploring an unknown ancient building structure that might have been deserted after the mechanical nation attacked the planet."
By The Fire
Personal project T-13S 
unbreathable and polluted atmosphere, this human from resistance has taken his watch by the fire to prevent from any Mecha's nation attack. 
A Stop Over At MD-28
Personal Sci-Fi Project of mine called T-13S started last year. 1st 2016 concept art here. 
Backstory: "A pilot from the Rebellion has a stop over at the MD-28 base where he can refill."