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    A quick tour inside Umeå Institute of Design (UID) Seen from one of its student.

Umeå Institute of Design (UID)http://www.dh.umu

I had some of the best memories in UID. It would be hard to explain and describe all of them with words. For that, I decided to hold a tribute to one of my former school, by sharing some handpicked videos, articles, links and pictures. If you are a design student looking to perform in your domain, it is sometimes hard to find the perfect school. I decided to share with you, my vision of UID. 
An internal eye into probably one of the top three design school in the world.

Welcome to UID, Umeå Institute of Design.
Want to study in UID? 

The deadline for applications is the 15th of February 2013

Apply now to the following programmes:
- MA in Advanced Product Design  ("Where the next generation of designer is born.")
- MA in Interaction Design  ("Design for a brighter world")
- MA in Transportation Design ("Futuristic Realistic")

Wherever you come from, UID is free for everyone (Full Scholarships available)
UID ranked first by Red Dot.

UID students start to get a reputation in award winning. 
Check out our award winners timeline here.

Amazing capabilities
At UID, it is possible to realize everything you want. There are almost no technical restrictions.
The school is equipped with automatic milling machines (Small, medium and full-scale), three 3D printers (Powder and plastics), two laser cutting machines, a metal workshop, a wood workshop, a foam workshop and a Dupont professional  paint-shop. Lars (the workshop coordinator) will also teach you how to build your models and drive heavy machinery such as lathe machines, vacuum forming or even metal welders.

But before to materialize your idea, you can always visualize them via the 24" HD Cintiqs farm, the 3D renderings farms : Keyshots 3 coupled to a huge HDRI library, Autodesk Alias, Dassault Solidworks and even 3DS Max and Vray RT are available on powerfull machines . Try the handheld 3D scanner or even the two clay workshop (Grey and brown) if you are not good at CAD modelling.

Got some electronic components to build? Swing by the IxD Cave to find everything you want. If you are really exigent, UID will allocate a budget for every of your projects that needs to be realized.

The only restriction is you.
Lost in Northern Sweden, you will find fraternity from your classmates and other UID'ers. 
They will be your wings, friends, competitors and confidents. 

When everyone, coming from all around the world, arrive in the same boat; 
Friendship and solidarity is easily created.

Remember, everyone is talented at something at UID.
Teaching and learning from each other will be the best school you ever experimented.
IDI crew.
Friday Pubs

At UID, we organize pubs almost every fridays!
Drinking, chatting with friends and staff every week is the best social lubricant. Fridays pubs are incredible and often leads to clubbing and after parties. Drinks are cheap and fun is everywhere.
It is easy to create a pub. Jean Baptiste and I organized and hosted at school the French Pub.
Crèpes, wine, cheese and baguettes charmed our guests.
Another incredible pub: the Mad Men pub. 
Suits and lipsticks were the key to create an amazing night.
Halloween party.
November 2011

Our yearly Halloween party is a tradition here at UID. It is one of the most expected party we hold at school. With few hundreds of participants, the entire Art Campus (our neighbourhood: Both Art school and Architecture school) is invited to dance and drink (Or the opposite?). This year, like all the other ones, the Halloween party was pure laught, discoveries and a lot of fun! 

Can't wait to participate in the next one. 

Weather and environment.

Be ready to experiment extreme conditions! From -30°C to never ending nights, your brain might be slightly frozen. 

In Northern Sweden, winters are dark and cold. Daylight appears less than an hour per day. Temperatures can be really low and bit-frost your lips, hears, nose, mustache and eyelashes.
In Northern Sweden, summers are bright and warm. The sun never end!  Stay up until 2:00 a.m to enjoy a sunset and a sunrise, almost at the same time.

If you are lucky, you can also catch incredible auroras.
1st of April in Umea. It is not a fool, it is still snowing!
Umea's bridge.
View from the school's roof.
UID's "garden".
Water tap for FM Mattson AB (Mora)
Four weeks project. September to October 2011.

Our first project was to design a water tap. A simple form exercise to understand where we come from.
This Water tap exercise is occurring every years.

Breaking rules is sometimes necessary : I decided to bring another point of view on the exercise. It was hard to be the only one so different. Especially for the very first project where nobody really knew each other. Nevertheless the provocative result became an influence on the way people use to present their projects.

 Understand more with the pictures of water tap exercises from last and next years,
on the Facebook page of the Advanced Product Design Programme.
First days at UID. 
September 2011.


September 2011. Just crashed into the famous and exciting UID. It is sunny and the people are having BBQ's all over the city. A fresh wave of student just arrived in Umea. I'm one of these lost guys... But not for too long! UID prepared us a funny assignment directed by Ben Hopson. 

This year is going to be exciting!