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    Web Design for WCHS.com and some print collateral.
Like any design project, this site needed to communicate a few different ideas. First off, we needed to reach potential students. Unlike college minded students, whose interest and self motivation drives them to college websites, Jr. High students looking into private high schools tend to get the most information by word-of-mouth or parental involvement (decree...in some cases). But Whittier Christian noticed the trend in it's younger students activity online and decided to turn their attentions to a new way of reaching this audience.

After a little focussed research, we discovered that while there certainly is growth in that age group's presence online - it still wasn't focussed on future education. We decided that while the site itself should visually be geared towards the potential and current students, the tone of the site should still be aimed at parents. 

Our final goal was to communicate WCHS's mission, the way it felt to walk through the campus, and the value that a great social atmosphere can bring to a high school experience - the ethos of WCHS - to any viewer even if they only visited the home page. We wanted to make a site that utilized whimsy, hyper realism and truth in the right combinations to deliver an honest experience of what the school had to offer. I believe we accomplished all of these goals and produced a campaign that is enjoyable to look at and honest in it's claims. 

What follows is first the website, it went live in September during a school kick-off event, and I heard the reactions were stellar. And after are images of the print collateral. 
Make sure to visit the site: WCHS.com, especially on mobile, and enjoy the sub pages elegant use of fixed background scrolling. 
WCHS Print Collateral
Project Lead: Brian Miller
Creative/Art Direction, Lead Design, Illustrations: Jess Kemp
Web Designer/Programmer: Tim Beardshear
Web Developer: Jimmy Lam
Copywriting: Jason Newell
Freelance Photographer: Laurel Dailey