Jean-Pierre Jeunet Film Festival
A film festival exploring the dark, quirky humor of Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
DESIGN BRIEF: Invent and design a film festival around a director we choose, centering around a conceptual theme in their films, and design a unified system of at least 10 different objects. Deliverables were a 36-page catalog book, a movie poster and poster tube, dvd packaging, a ticket book, a program, a website, screenshots for an iphone app, three promotional advertisements including a billboard and taxi cab ad, and a container to put all these materials in. I documented my work with an annotated process book. 
I chose Jean-Pierre Jeunet and featured his films Amelie, Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children, A Very Long Engagement and Micmacs. My film festival's theme was the joy of relationships for the protagonists in these films despite the depressing nature of their world. Jeunet's dark, quirky humor and vintage aesthetic were important qualities that I wanted to evoke with my design. 
I expressed this with deep, rich, saturated colors. For imagery, I photographed vintage childhood memorabilia that I found in flea markets, etsy and ebay. I positioned these objects in front of dark, old-fashioned wallpaper that I found after looking at hundreds of paper patterns. I edited my photographs to match the aesthetic by increasing the saturation, darkening them, and adding a vignette. I chose the typeface Carrosserie, a clean sans-serif with a historical French feel, for headlines and paired it with the very quirky ITC Clearface and Clearface Gothic. Because the two Clearface fonts are in the same font family they go well together despite their distinctive forms. For the logo title I started with the typeface Great Bromwich and made some adjustments to it, and then used Carrosserie for the two balancing subtitles.
The poster (below) was a runner up in the Creative Quarterly 30 Contest, Graphic Design: Student category. 
The film poster, which was printed up 30"x40"
The website homepage / landing site.
An second-tier page in the website.
A final display of my work in class. A small print up of the poster and poster tube are in the foreground, then the DVD packaging (the custom-made envelopes, dvd, and booklets for each of the 5 movies) and dvd box spread out, with the iPad showing the flying logo animation tucked in at the back of the table. In my display box in the back are my catalog book with the laser engraved wooden cover and small hardcover program, and then all the way at the right are the ticket book and the website (which is unfortunately on screensaver!). Not pictured: the app and the billboard advertisements. I used a combination of gold color transfers and gold foil stamping.