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    Different photos I,ve take during the last 5 years.
Different pics from different projects.
Liverpool :: Mrs. Mary; Ringo Starr's neighbour in his early years.
Ayquina, Chile :: The Ayquina Festival honouring the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Ayquina, Chile :: The Ayquina Festival  honouring the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Dublin :: The Temple Bar during an Ireland-England soccer game.
Sousse, Tunisia :: The Medina during sunset.
Spello, Umbria, Italy :: A priest prays in a small church.
Materia, Basilicata, Italy :: I Sassi.
Santiago de Chile :: A man selling in a kiosk.
Matera, Basilicata, Italy :: Conservatorio di Musica.
London, England :: The Tate Modern Museum.
Sao Paulo, Brasil :: Children playing in an abandoned building outside the city.
Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia :: Inside the Medina.
Dublin, Ireland :: The Temple Bar during a soccer game.
Spello, Umbria, Italy :: Religious statue in a church.
Santiago de Chile :: Vitreaux cleaners.