Tind + MALVI - 3 days of screen printing workshop

Tind + MALVI - 3 days of screen printing
Three days full of collaborative ideas, new techniques, group work, learning and a deep love for silkscreen printing.

We invited Manolis Angelakis (aka. tind) over to our Thessaloniki studio for an exclusive 3-day, 10-person workshop, where we screen printed from the basics onward. After a brief lecture and introduction to the history of the craft—and the ways it has evolved through time, up to today—Manolis took us back to the basics first, by introducing the most basic techniques for reproducing handmade artwork (through stencils, paper cutting, collages, tracing paper and vinyl cuts).

Ten creatives gathered around to learn about the different materials, colors and equipment required and how these affect one another. By resorting to the most basic of techniques, the participants were invited to properly focus on what they could work on, by exploring different ideas and employing imaginative uses of textures, double printing, multiple colors and gradient mixes in order to achieve diverse results.

Everyone was encouraged to work in pairs (alternating from printer to assistant and back), which prompted some of the most creative results of the weekend, while there was also a great amount of cross-group collaborations, altering, reworking, remastering and reinterpreting each other's’ prints.

In the end, an abundance of beautifully crafted work was created and printed, from small poster prints to textile designs, T-shirts and whatever material we could get our hands on, generating an immense appreciation for a printing method that is as much craftsmanship as it is artistry.


A huge shout-out and thank you goes out to Manolis for his immense help, wisdom and passion for a collaboration that is sure to be the first of many more to come, to Konstantina for her never-ending enthusiasm and support and of course to everyone who participated and spent three days with us, sharing a passion for screen printing (Nikos, Thomas, Nikolas, Mariza, Eleftheria, Ilias, Dimitris, Panagiotis, Marialena, Giorgos).

Tind + MALVI - 3 days of screen printing workshop
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