Below are some concept made for an Attack - Defense strategy mobile game. "the BRAINIACS" faction was inspired by classic, retro sci-fi movies. 
Concepts were made from top-down perspective, to reflect the game's camera view.

This is my first try to design directly in Zbrush. Final composition done in Photoshop.

These are a part of the illustrations I did for an app called "Genies", where users customize their avatar by their look and invite a friend to read the latest news in a fun way. 

composition that follows the brief idea
Genies expressions & poses (in Spine animation editor)
backgrounds & assets (Photoshop)
custom costumes when needed (Photoshop with integration in Spine rig)​​​​​​​

Low-poly character done in 3d Studio Max.

Bikes rough sketches, silhouette searching.