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SER, es o no es - Catálogo Iberoamerica Ilustra
text:nosoyjose / illustrations: lanómada

Experimental illustrated book created with a philosopher. The images research the visual interactions among the two only characters of the story: the child (entity, body) and the "Being". Both characters are designed to be the reflection of one to another. But meanwhile the child is drawn, the "Being" is being undrawn in different shapes through the story, as it plays to appear and hide spontaneously deconstructed in lines, reflections, smoke, light or shadow projections. A challenging project about making a visual representation of the nothingness.

The scenery of those interactions are transit points: the road, a service station, an abandoned building, an aeroport ... The story becomes a trip that starts into a car tunnel and finishes inside the hole of a pneumatic, from which a child tells as the story from his (play)waste-ground, from its imagination.

The book is addressed to both child and adult audience, to create an horizontal space of dialogue among them, where the knowledge of the young becomes as valuable as that of the adult in order to understand the philosophical concept of the "Being".

Illustrations selected to be part of the VIII Iberoamerican Illustration Catalogue and exhibited in the Guadalajara International Book Fair 2017.
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SER, es o no es - Catálogo Iberoamerica Ilustra
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lanómada - illustration