Chaihona Nr. 1 drink menu (Чайхона Нр. 1)
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    Drink menu for one of the largest chains of restaurants in Moscow - Chaihona Nr. 1
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This was my first big out-of-country photosession for big chain of restaurants Chaihona Nr. 1 (Чайхона Нр. 1) in Moscow, Russia. I had 4 days to shoot all of this on site, so i was pretty stressed to make it all on time. 

This is clearly a drink menu, where almost all the positions are shown in a restaurant's surrounding. The idea was to show as many Chaihona's textures as possible, that's why most of pages have this yellowish wood background. I will show you some unedited images as well, so you can see the work process more clearly.
So before you dig into my work - take a look at the Chaihona's interiors to get better idea of how menu matches the overall style.
2 facts about this spread - to create vibro waves on the surface we just hit the table a bit :)

The idea of using Rum on the wakeboard came out spontaneously, and great thing about Moscow - you can get almost everything in an hour :)
This shot (and i think it's clearly visible) was a photo montage, since i didn't have any tall and cool surface for the background. But 30-40 minutes in photoshop - and you get almost natural look :)
I do like this shot, even if it doesn't look perfect (actually, this was an idea for the whole menu look - natural light, natural textures, minimum of artificial stuff and glamour looks)
All 2-layered spreads were shot separately and then glued together
Like this one with fire as well
Before going to Moscow, i did have some test shots of how i see the menu. I do like how sample shots look like, but what i didn't take in mind was difference of the textures and backgrounds. As you see - darker colors or pastel colors do work for food and drinks much better!
I will be glad to hear some relevant comments about this work. Thank you! 

Check out my insta profile @sergiolaskin for more recent works!