Conspired Lovers
A Typeface based on five years of love-letter writting.
Conspired Lovers is based on five years of love-letter writing. 
A font to capture the intentions of writing love letters more than any other font.
How did the Project start?   
    In the last five years I wrote love letters with two persons. I became used to the joy of handwriting with ink and nib on fine paper. Through practice and experimentation my style continuously refined. As life moves on, suddenly I found myself with no one to write love letters to. Missing the joy of writing, listening to Gregory Porter’s “Be Good”, the decision was made to take this 5 years of writing and make this dance on paper a font. A handwritten typeface for everyone to use.
Construction Plan for Conspired Lovers | Initial drawings.
This font was created in July, 2012 and named Conspired Lovers. A font to capture and convey your message in a special way to the beloved one close to your heart.

The OpenType version features 350+ glyphs supporting an extended set of signs, alternates and ligatures. All lowercase and most uppercase letters are connected, to create a realistic hand-writing-calligraphy on your creations.
Conspired Lovers is international and features a wide range of accented letters to reach everyone in (i.e.) Sweden, France, Hungary and almost everywhere around the globe.

Send out love and download directly at or at