A Hand Drawn Poem Collection

Voksenverden is a poem collection written by the Danish author Marie Markvard Andersen. I designed the collection's visual appearance – a process that included handwriting the text of the collection's 29 poems and hand drawing the illustrations.
Front and back cover of Voksenverden. The book is in a square format and the size of a record album.
Each of the 29 poems is made by hand. The typographies used were specifically created for the project.
Video of the creation of the poem "Flænge".
A page spread from the poem collection with the poem "Voksenverden".
The poem "Forårsfeber".
A number of poems can be bought as single page artworks. Here it is the poem "Debutant".
All the single page artworks are also sold as framed artworks. Here is displayed the poems "Debutant", "Efter ordene" and "Løfte".
A poster created for the marketing campaign for Voksenverden.