Designing Sacred Spaces
A series of three posters for a fictional Religious Architecture Lecture series
This project was centered around the idea of creating hand-made typography. My poster series was on religious architecture, which I broke down into the topic of Cathedrals (featuring stained glass), Mosques (featuring geometric tile patterns) and Buddhist Temples (featuring carved wood). The hand made typography depicted words used in each religion for prayer or meditation.

One of the challenges I faced was that a lot of the beauty of these religious spaces comes from the intricate, time-intensive detail that they are decorated with, which was not easy to replicate given my limited resources. I already knew how to create stained glass, and I bought supplies and rented studio space at San Francisco Stained Glass Works for this project. The Mosque and Temple posters I created using a laser wood cutting machine. I used photoshop to increase the deep, rich feel of the colors and create more differentiation between the two designs done on the laser cutter.

For the composition I wanted to balance a structural, clean, modern architectural feel with the intricate, rich, traditional feel of religious buildings. To add a sense of structure I incorporated rules and played with alignment and variations in leading. I used the typeface Pullman which has an angular, geometrical feel that gave it a more intricate, ritual aspect, paired with a variety of weights of Univers that provide a clean, simple contrast to Pullman. I tied the posters together with a wide black bar on the left of all of them, with a traced continuation of the photographs to emphasize the idea of design and subtly allude to a blue print or plan for the design.