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    Fitamines - Print Design 2012
Fitamines is a sports coaching service that offers individualized and evolving monitoring over the sessions and progress. Whatever the age, the motivation, the availability, the fears, Fitamines promises to reshape the most effective way possible, and everything in a good mood. I have been working with baka! agency on print communication.
 The Fitamines logo has been designed by

Fitamines brochure
Fitamines business card
Fitaday is a concept developed by Vincent Issartel (Fitamines). Once a month, he livens up a session of participative sport where people of Dijon (France) join in the cheerfulness. It is a moment of exchange, meeting, relaxation and entertainment. I have been working with baka! on a logo and some print design.
The Fitaday logo
Some Fitaday print supports