I was contacted by a friend I have worked with several times, wondering if I could help his church put together an ad for their local paper. This was for Easter, but not intended to be like other "Easter" ads with a sales pitch to bring people in. The point was to convey the message, with simplicity and attractiveness.

The message was a strong passage from the gospel of Luke. The rest was basically left to me. I played around, brainstormed a lot of different approaches. I kept going back to something simple and dramatic. So I developed this concept, and even went hand drawn with it. I used the typeface for the church because it had the right feel I wanted, and ultimately it keeps the entire ad copy consistent.
This is a full page ad in this coming Sunday's paper. I also made a smaller, postcard sized edition for them.
Detail look at the flower.
Always love working with Matt and Defiance Church (defiancechurch.org).