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    Etching, aquatint.
Cones and strobili


This is a series of etchings and the project I am currently working on. This work is characterized by images which depict different forms of the plant, animal and natural world. I incorporate symbols such as fruits, seeds, roots, leaves, shells, bones, flesh, legs, eyes, mouths, abdomens and sex organs. Those elements are often blended in my pictures in a non-obvious way, insinuating mysterious connections between different forms of life. My symbols seek to discover a logic which challenges the prevailing one. They long to get rid of their references, to be redeemed from their old self and let a new one emerge by uncovering a purer identity of their own.

My recent artistic endeavors are inspired by conifer trees. I am enchanted by their geometry which follows always the same spiral rhythm, as if it is dictated by an inviolable law or a fundamental need. I am awed by the resemblance between a tree and its cone, the resemblance between the whole and the part. I sense that the needles, the cones and the branches are nothing but different masks of the same substance. In my work “Seed that sprouts”, a cone scale is spiraling, taking instantaneously forms of breasts, abdomens, mouths and sex organs. It is the soul, that breathless climbs up the infinite spiral stair of the body. It stretches itself, it gets deformed, it fights with itself, it screams. It is the struggle and the history of matter, which from non-living becomes living, from plant becomes animal and from human, idea.


Dry point, etching, aquatint.

Etching, aquatint, 5½"∙ 10", 2012.
Seed that sprouts.

État I, etching, aquatint, 5"∙ 11", 2012.

Seed that sprouts.

État II, etching, aquatint, 5"∙ 11", 2012.
Fruit section.

Etching, aquatint, 5"∙ 11", 2012.
Oak leaf I

Chine-collé, vernis mou
A mask of the Invisible.
Etching, aquatint, 9"∙ 27", 2012