Insectum Abstractus
      Insectum - originates from the Latin, translated from the ancient Greek "Entomon" that means "(Animal) divided into segments" and is where the word "insect" came from.
      Abstractus - originates from the Latin as well, and it means "drawn away". It was later used in Philosophy and in Fine Arts to describe something "characterized by lack of representational qualities". It evolved to the word "Abstract" as we know today.
      Insectum Abstractus emerges as a fusion between Entomology and Illustration. Yet always maintaining a parallel approach to Scientific Illustration. Because while it bases its technique on realism, the main goal of this project was not to accomplish a faithful representation, but to offer my own redemption to each species. 
      Entomology, the science that studies insects and their relation with the human being, played a very important role while executing this project. It was thanks to its massive volume of information gathered along the centuries that provided the base for drawing the insects seen here. Other important source was Nature itself, opposed to Taxidermy, where flying insects are positioned in the best possible way in order to observe and study their intricate patterns and wings. Resulting, at times, in rather artificial settings. As such, I decided to illustrate them as seen flying around nature, full of life and color.

        It was with this idea in mind that 25 India ink and watercolour illustrations came from, each species can be found in its natural habitat in the many corners of Portugal and its Islands. 
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Insectum Abstractus