Art Direction, Web Design, UI/UX Design
Website Design, E-Commerce Store Design, Social Media Skins, Snap Chat Filters, Gif Imagery, Splash Campaigns, E-mail Design

RaeLynn was my first newly signed artist to the Nashville label, meaning I had only worked with currently signed artists who had established branding and album artwork. The image of her above played a major role in her digital branding and creative. I have learned that a new artist is like a blank canvas. I would never have imagined that each decision made would lead to RaeLynn applying pink filters to all social media photos, billboards on Music Row to use pink gradients, pink merchandise, glitter hovers and more. This powerful woman loves pink and sparkles and is still one of my favorite artists to work with (not that we choose favorites, right?) because it's been a growing experience to grow with her.

Photoshop often experiences a full-on glitter meltdown when working on RaeLynn Magic