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    Diploma project
Note: These themes were design for an E- Business product; a platform to enable and encourage businesses online.

Design challenge:
1. To create an easy to use/ edit and easy to customize themes by a user with average computer skills.
2. A flexible approach to cater any type of content and any level of information.
3. Conceptualize from both point of view; user of design as seller, and interaction of buyer with the design as well.

More importantly every business has its own distinct features but major business types, which are targeted:

My role was to create:
Task flow,
Wire frames,
Interaction design,
Design guidelines.

Guidelines I followed:
Horizontal grids: easy to increase or decrease as per the content requirement.
Three types of customization: Basic, Advanced, CSS(considering user with any level of computer skill set and making it more systemic and easy going.)
Basic: fonts, fonts colour, colour, background colour, texture.
Advance: banner, images, product categories, content edit on pages.
CSS: edit code

1. Theme design for Store:
People can sell physical and digital products. Themes for store will have following major features:
Buy or download button,
Shopping cart/ add to cart
Search filters: by type, size, price, colour.
Wireframes of default theme
Homepage of default theme
Following are few other themes design
2. Theme design for Groups:
Groups can be assumed with most distinct feature. Major features will be:
Subscribe/ follow
Sell/ book tickets,

Groups will be here:
For self promotion,
For event promotion,
To get Subscriptions.

It can be a closed or open group for subscription. It will surely not be acontent based group or for discussions. Event being the major attraction of thegroup can be categorized into upcoming, past and any other category.

Wireframe showing the event categorization done on the left side on event menu.
Event details wireframe
Design guidelines for home page

3.Theme Design for Services:
Businesses providingservices have very different business models than stores. Themes displaying serviceswill be displaying the portfolio, testimonials, rate card/ services andachievements. The users of these designs will be doctors, lawyers, CAs, Tutors,counselors etc. This profile can be made by a group or by an individual.

Themes for serviceswill have major following features:
Send enquiry,
Create service chart,
Send invoice.

4. Theme design for NGO:
Non-profit organizations (NGO) need to communicate what theyare for, what their practices are and what all they have done. The objective ofhaving an online profile of an NGO is self-promotion, get known and ultimatelyget donations. It is similar to some extent with themes for services in terms ofdisplaying a portfolio. Also it has some similarities with the groups as an NGOcan be taken as a group also unless without an aim of getting donations.

NGOs need an online profileto:
Communicatetheir core values,
Communicate their work areas,
and Represent the projects they have done and their ongoing projects,
get donations online.

Note: Images used are only for reference.