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The Unknown Photographer | VR Documentary

The Unknown Photographer

A Virtual Reality immersion into the fragmented memories of a World War One photographer

The Unknown Photographer was an immersive docu-fiction in virtual reality. The interactive film explore damaged memories of a First World War photographer through landscapes of the war, corrupted by the time that has passed.

The experience was an early experimentation of Virtual Reality before it was made available to the public. To this day it travelled across the world from festival to festival including Sundance, IDFA, TIFF, MUTEK, Anny Best of Fest and more.

I was the technical director of the project. I was in charge of programming the systems and interactions as well as the technical supervision of the content creation. Being an experimental project and working in a small team, we all had a hand in every aspect of the project in the end.

Loïc Suty

Art Direction
Claudine Matte

Technical Direction
Osman Zeki

Production Direction
Alexandre Leduc

Catherine Mavrikakis

François Papineau (french)
Julian Casey (english)

Screenplay Research and Collaboration
Marie-Pierre Chazel
Catherine Hébert

Military Historian Expert on Drawings and the Great War
Guth Des Prez

History Consultant
Catherine Saouter

Original Soundtrack
François Lafontaine

Claire Buffet, Turbulent
Louis-Richard Tremblay, NFB

Executive Producers
Marc Beaudet, Turbulent
Benoit Beauséjour, Turbulent 
Hugues Sweeney, NFB


Turbulent Team

Nicolas Crété

Acting Director and Additional Writing
Jean-Michel Théroux

English Translation
Christina Moxie

Female Voice
Enrica Boucher

Director of Operations
Frédéric Lemieux

Production Coordinator
Sophie Richard

Project Management
Guillaume Grassiant

Production Assistant, Additional 3D Modelling
Julie Coulombe

Production Assistant
Frédérique Dufort-Plante

Quality Assurance
Francis Bordeleau
Judith Montplaisir

Director of Finance
Julie Saint-Pierre

Mabel Flores

Élaine Jacques


NFB Team
Head of Project and Technologies 
Martin Viau

Editorial Manager
Valérie Darveau

Marie-Andrée Bonneau

Production Coordinators
Dominique Brunet
Caroline Fournier

Head of Production
Marie-Pier Gauthier

Marketing Manager
Tammy Peddle
Assisted by Jolène Lessard

Information Technology
Sergiu Raul Suciu

Technical Coordinator
Mira Mailhot
Daniel Claveau

Re-Recording Mixer
Geoffrey Mitchell
Luc Léger
Shelley Craig

Online editing
Serge Verreault

Technical Resources
Pierre Dupont 
Isabelle Painchaud
Patrick Trahan

Legal Services
Peter Kallianiotis

Press Relations
Marie-Claude Lamoureux


Bertrand Carrière
Director of Photography
Bruno Carrière
Natacha Dufaux
Sound Design
Benoît Dame
François Lafontaine
Research and Screenplay
Bertrand Carrière
Philippe Baylaucq
Bertrand Carrière
Guth Des Prez
Joyce Macaskill
Bob Hindle
Bruce Wade



Marie-Pierre Chazel

Guth des Prez
Catherine Saouter
Directors of Photography
Catherine Hébert
François Vincelette

Sound Recording and Sound Editing
Mélanie Gauthier

Executive Producer
Isabelle Repelin

Vincent Guignard

Sound Design
Mélanie Gauthier

Production Support
Martin Lévy

Original Soundtrack
François Lafontaine

Odette DesOrmeaux

Some images in the videos come from Mr. Guth des Prez personal collection.


Special Thanks
For their collaboration, support and commitment during the research and preproduction phases, Turbulent wishes to thank:

Marie-Pierre Chazel, Catherine Hébert, Isabelle Repelin, Anderson Bordim, Guth Des Prez, Catherine Saouter, Tiffany Assous, Philippe Archontakis, Jean-Olivier Bégin, François Parenteau, Catherine Leroux, Guillaume Sanfaçon, Cécile Chandran, Manuel Gomez, Bjorn Feldmann, Hervé Lange, Mathieu Handfield, Anne-Marie Champoux, Philippe Baylaucq, Jack Lopez, Yves Tremblay, Myriam Picovschi, Joel-Aimé Beauchamp, Nicolas Noël Jodoin, Martin Lizée, Robert Lizée, Louis Brochu.

The NFB wishes to thank:
Philippe Baylaucq, Franck Desvernes, Marie-Pier Gauthier,
Monique Simard, Dominique Willieme

The NFB and Turbulent wish to thank Arte and its team, Heidelinde Blumers, Marianne Levy-Leblond.
The Unknown Photographer | VR Documentary

The Unknown Photographer | VR Documentary

A virtual reality docu-fiction exploring the memories of a First World War photographer.