Aqua Khoria: An immersive Experience Exploring Ideas of Water & Dance

Aqua Khoria was an immersive danse show taking place inside the spherical projection dome of the Society for Arts and Technology in Montreal. The show centered around the themes of water, the ocean.

The show took place in front of a crowd ranging from 75 to 80 people at a time for a duration of two weeks in October of 2016.

I was put in charge of the real-time digital projection in the show. With a small team we built content for the 3D world, animated and sequence the show to follow the dancer's cues and the one long narrative.
THE TEAM (partial/incomplete list)

Composition & Sound
Zack Settel

Dance Performance & Choreography
Peter Trosztmer

Art Direction
Romain Tavenard

Osman Zeki