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    A lino cut story without words
So, Two Men Walk Into The Woods...
Can regular people still tell great stories? Stories that gather people around the campfire to be entertained, shocked or sent to fantastic worlds?

I gathered friends, relatives, casual acquaintances and people
I have never met from the Internet to tell me their tales.
I had one rule to tie them all together. The stories must begin with the same line;

‘Two guys walked into the woods...’

Each stories was entirely different, tales of heroism and fantasy and tales of old friends and bitter enemies. Some of them had twists; some of them had a simple progression with neat
endings. Some of them had talking rabbits, some had giant owls and some were just entirely odd.

I wanted to present these stories in the purest way possible, a way that would let anyone understand it, without the boundary of language. A way that would let the viewer take away their interpretations, so that if they ever chose to recite this tale to their friends, perhaps around that campfire, it would evolve. Intertwined within the story told would not only be the story told to me, or the one that I illustrated within this book.
It would be the story that they saw.