Conall, the werewolf
Conall, which is name of this creature, was created during Zack Petroc’s CGWorkshop. We were focusing on character design and sculpting. My inspiration was taken from Aaron Sims’s concept for Skinwalkers. After the end of workshop, in June, I had Conall in stance pose and first rough pose, which you can check bellow. But I wasn’t much satisfied with it, so I created more action pose. Then I decided, to render out some action figure picture with him. So now you can see the result, it’s my first serious character model. In the images bellow you can find some other views and zbrush screens. I hope you like this werewolf.

I want to thank to Zack and all my classmates for great creative atmosphere during workshop and also for many many valuable advices, I’ve really taken a lot from our class, I also want to thank to my friends for lot of critiques and advices.
 I was happy to have my Conall printed on a cover of italian book.