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    Limsomnium's Soundtrack for Life's a Pitch - Red Bull Video Ad
Limsomnium - Bandit Kiss - Life's a Pitch
Making Music for Red-Bull workshop IN SYNCH
Red Bull launched a global contest to create a soundtrack for their latest video: IN SYNCH - LIFE'S A PITCH

The contest stated that all genres were accepted and voice was optional, however it doesn't seem it was really like that as the final 3 all dwelled on electronica (mainly dubstep) and had lyrics and voicing.

Anyway this was our soundtrack for it. Since we agreed to the terms of the contest we're not allowed to sync the sound to the video and put it online so it's up to you to do it!

Think of it as a game: get the soundcloud music to the begining of the soundwave (about 8 seconds in) and pause it. Play the video and as soon as the red bull intro dissolves press play on the soundcloud embed and you'll have a more or less synchronization so that you can understand what we've done. To know you're perfectly synced, the second deep (as in low) note of the bass in the intro plays exactly as the guy starts leaving the helicopter and just before the drums and orchestra start, the hold is created exactly at the same time as the guy jumps in slow motion with the skis.

Hope you like it!