Start Jouw Actie
Start Jouw Actie (Start Your Campaign) is a crowdfunding platform made specifically with charities in mind. The platform is designed to be placed on an web address of their choosing and customised to seamlessly tie with the charity's branding.
My brief was to create an identity to reflect the positive energy of the people taking action and starting their own fundraising campaigns and to design a simple yet unique interface for the platform.

For the identity I researched the types of campaigns that people initiate. I took inspiration from elements of those campaigns including colourful cakes, coloured powder from colour runs, concert lighting, and confetti at sports events. By combining these elements with "charity" and "caring", I produced a colorful energetic identity.

For the design of the platform I worked closely with Stichting Vluchteling (The Refugee Foundation), listening to their ideas and advising them. I designed a custom version of the platform for them using their existing brand guidelines and extending them as necessary.