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    Portfolio website for Lynton Crabb, a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Developed in collaboration with Visua.
I was commissioned by design studio, Visua, to develop a website for Australian photographer Lynton Crabb. The website boasts an intuitive and minimal user interface that effectively showcases Lynton’s work, whilst the WordPress backend includes a custom-built image uploader and other functionality that would allow Lynton to painlessly manage his extensive portfolio.

The website employs a fluid layout to accommodate users with larger screens, allowing them to better view the intricacies of Lynton’s work. A ‘slide-show’ function was also added, which would automatically rotate through images and pages on timed intervals when active.

After the site was initially developed, additional functionality was included that would allow potential clients to add images to a lightbox and to generate and download a PDF of their selected images.
Web development by Fine Thought and design by Visua. Completed October 2010