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    My impression of India.
India, towards change
India, the land of distinct culture, was earlier known as the land of snake charmers but now India is a land of diversity, which will create difference in future. Land of great history, which will create another history in future.

The idea for the poster to represent India is inspired by our folk Warli paintings. In one of the Warli paintings people were shown dancing in a circular form to celebrate “life all together”. The circular form made by all Indians holding hands in the poster, despite of their differences, represents our developing nation stepping ahead towards growth. At the same time the circular, spinning form also represents wheel, time, continuous movement and evolution.

Indian as a developing nation has faced many social, religious, economic and political challenges but we all fought against them; together as one power and still moving ahead towards positive growth.

Figure in the center of the poster is playing a flute, connecting everyone in one tune and thus creating harmony. It is representing the sense of unity, which every Indian believes in.

This poster got selected in top 10 entries in a competition
under the theme of ‘ Your impression of India’.