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    Internship Report Book - Tribal DDB Malaysia
Internship Report Book
Tribal DDB
As a part of Semester 6 (Internship Semester), i was required to make a report book (as if the internship itself is not enough).

After 3 months of internship, the students were given 2 additional weeks to produce a hardcover report book.
The book is mandatory, and it needs to contain certain things such as company profile, some story blablabla, daily learning outcome, weekly analysis and other boring stuffs.

The concept of my book is Mind Power, with the use of Lego in the execution.
It crossed my mind when i saw a fascination of Lego in the office then i realized that Lego is an interesting stuff.
It's a toy, but not just a toy. It's a tool that allows the hungry mind like ours (the creatives) to sharpen our mind. Lego is a fun way for us to use our mind to imagine, plan, choose colors, play, until it finally creates something. It's just like we're playing with pixels in a very physical way. In the end, to produce something, it needs the ultimate power, our mind power.

I use Lego brick as the representation of pixels (since i worked in digital agency) and the Lego characters (which i use in the cover) represent the people i met in the office, with their different personalities and own eccentricity.

During my internship i didn't only learn about design, but way more beyond that. The work was fine, the people was great, and it surely was a nice experience for a first timer.

Long story short, here's some images of the book that i managed to capture before the submission.
The lego characters in the cover were shot from 2 angles (front view and back view).
although it's not visible clearly in the image, i actually blurred the word 'blur'.