Eco-Friendly Creative Cork Lamp

The core idea was to design a lamp that forms by folding a piece of paper.
One of the prototypes that seemed to be the most interesting was chosen, and finally, the Lampin was born.

Lampin is made of flexible cork sheet. Cork is natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and creates a good sense when you touch it.

Traditional Patterns
These patterns are used to create a sense of tradition within the heart of a modern interior. You can choose between three different patterns: Dutch, Chinese or Persian.

Pin your Notes!
As the Lampin is made out of cork, the same material used for memo boards, you can also pin your notes onto it. As the lamp attracts attention, also your notes will be highly visible, making it less likely for you to be late for that appointment!

Paintable material
If you do not like the cork\'s texture, or if you prefer a different color you can always paint the Lampin yourself, as many times as you wish.

Different placements
The Lampin is versatile, you can mount it anywhere: you might already have thought about putting it on a table or on the floor, but you can as well mount the Lampin on the wall or use it as a pendant lamp!