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    NoGraffiti is a research and a photographic documentation project on the Street Art movement of the beguinning of our century
About art & the street
"The expansion in the first world of Hip-Hop graffiti or TTP graffiti (Tag, Throw-up, Piece) in the 80’s, coincided with the NYC “street art movement” of Haring and Basquiat, and the French “figuration livre”, with street artists such as Blek or Mesnager, both of which continued various artistic manifestations with the street as a medium (D.Buren, J.Holzer, Christo, etc.). The 90’s saw the evolution of post-graffiti or street art as an enriched development of TTP that used new media (poster, stencil, sticker, brush) and was influenced by other references (subvertising, graphic design, modern art). Even though the majority of the artists came from TTP and maintained the concept of bombing, the typographic obsession gave way to iconism (where a character or object was repeated in different situations and formats), stencilism (often of a political nature) and to various forms of subvertising and sign subversion."

The images presented here are 9x12 cm. negatives, an architectural format that gives to these works their deserved permanence.

Nano, Nuria. Madrid 2004.
Lolo. Barcelona 2005.
Sex. Barcelona 2005.
Hept, Limbo, Miss Van, ONG Crew. Barcelona 2005.
El tono. Madrid 2004.
Pez. Barcelona 2005.
Above. Barcelona 2005.
Nano. Madrid 2004.