An Introduction to SAKE

It’s a Japanese sake handbook to easily learn about Japanese sake.
This handbook was produced for a Japanese sake seminar intended for people who work at restaurants and bars. The seminar was held in New York by Iinumahonke, a sake brewery located in Shisui, Chiba Prefecture. The handbook helps local restaurant owners and employees understand Japanese sake in more detail. Not only that, the pocked-sized design makes it easy for them to keep it close at hand and tell other people about the charm of sake.
tegusu handles the overall art direction and design, as well as illustrations.


This handbook introduces Japanese sake in nine categories, which are history, materials, production process, rice polishing ratio, flavors, food that goes well with it, temperature, labels, and manners. Although people tend to think drinking Japanese sake requires special knowledge, this handbook shows the attractiveness of sake through clear and concise sentences and illustrations to promote more understanding.
This compact A6 size visual book, which is the same size as a postcard, can be easily carried around wherever you go.

CL:株式会社飯沼本家(Iinumahonke Inc.) Producer:株式会社アンカーマン(Anchorman Inc.)
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator:藤田雅臣 株式会社tegusu(Masaomi Fujita, tegusu Inc.)

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