Comparing Netflix to Sling TV
We would be lying to assume that there is a shortage of online content or TV streaming services in the present day.  As a matter of fact, consumers are experiencing an influx of many of such services so that sometimes it becomes really difficult to make a choice on which ones to opt for. Some of these available options are so affordable that it appears like the death knell for the cable has already sounded. 

But if you want to get a good deal for your buck, it is important to have in-depth information about the various options available in streaming media. Below, you’ll find a detailed comparison between the major providers to help you make the best choice from an informative point of view. 

Netflix and Sling TV

Netflix is one of the major streaming giants you will encounter and its roots date back to the late nineties when they used to deliver movies to people’s mailboxes. Currently, Netflix is a nice option for movie enthusiasts, owing to the wide variety of videos they distribute. It also boasts of a massive collection of television shows that have ended and this is preferred by individuals who love to watch entire shows in one weekend. Netflix also allows you to create multiple accounts for one login so that different family members can have access to the services. 

Netflix Pros

The following are some of the pros for Netflix-:
•    Full television series
•    Has both old and new movies
•    Ability to create premium accounts which allows up to four screens to use the same account at the same time.
•    Has lots of foreign content
•    No ads while watching content
•    Netflix for kids which is dedicated to children’s movies

Perhaps the only con about Netflix is that despite the wide collection of content it has, it doesn’t have Game of Thrones, an incredibly popular show of the current times. 

Netflix Pricing

Netflix pricing is rather flexible and affordable for most consumers. To begin with, it has a 30 day free trial period after which you will have a choice to choose any of the three packages. The packages available include the basic, standard and premium packages which cost $7.99, $8.99 and $11.99 respectively. Netflix content can be accessed via the various streaming boxes, gaming consoles, Smartphone and much more. 

Sling TV

Sling TV is a relatively new entrant into the streaming furor but it has already established itself as a worthy and competitive streaming service. Sling TV works by availing live TV from the real television networks, making it appear more like satellite or cable TV. The rates for Sling TV are affordable and you have the freedom to cancel at any time without any extra charges. 

Pros of Sling TV

Some of the pros of Sling TV include the following:
•    Access to live television including prime time shows, sports, breaking news and movies
•    Has a total of up twenty channels in eighteen different languages with more being added
•    Can be accessed on tablets, computers, smart televisions, game consoles and much more
•    Ability to add an interest specific package for only $5 per month

The main con about Sling TV on the other hand is that being a relatively new service, they are still working on some quirks and this may have minor effects on the experience. Additionally, it has a somewhat limited availability but you can still get it on Amazon Fire TV Box and Stick, Roku TVs and a majority of the Apple devices. 

To access Sling TV, you will be offered a trial period of seven days after which you will be expected to pay $20 per month and additional $5 for interest specific content. 

Roku and Hulu Plus Compared

A Roku box is a little black box which can be connected to TVs in the same manner as DVDs and once turned on; it uses a WIFI connection to present you with a buffet of programs. It gives you the power to add both free and subscription based channels, thus ensuring that you have an all round the clock access to awesome content on Hulu Plus, Netflix, Crackle, HBO Go and many more. Additionally, Roku allows you to stream Pandora, giving you the ability to turn your television into a stereo system. 

Roku Pros and Cons

One of the best advantages of having Roku is that you don’t have to hook your laptop to your television for you to access premium streaming services. You will also love the fact that Roku will avail Pandora, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Videos and much more in one always connected location. 

On the cons, the Roku user interface isn’t that user friendly and many people struggle to get the hang of it. You will also have to add another remote to your stack and you must have an internet connection for you to use Roku. 

On pricing, there are no recurring fees for owning Roku once you purchase the stick which is available anywhere from $30 depending on where you get it from. 

Hulu Plus

When it was first introduced, Hulu used to be free of charge, but this ended when it attracted a large number of viewers and introduced Hulu Plus, which is a subscription based service. 

If you are a movie guy, then Hulu shouldn’t be your first priority, but if you love TV shows, then you will be pleased with the library Hulu has in store for you. The other thing that distinguishes Hulu from other services like Amazon or Netflix is that it avails shows and programs within days and sometimes hours after the show is aired. 

With this capability, users can stay on top of the recently released television shows and episodes without falling back. You will however have to deal with the constant ads that appear when the shows are one. This kind of reduces the viewing experience and makes many people shun Hulu. 

If you decide to subscribe for the Hulu Plus package, you will have to part with about $7.99 a month and you can access Hulu virtually on all the content. 

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Comparing Netflix to Sling TV

Comparing Netflix to Sling TV


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