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    Branding redefinition of Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA).
The Museum of Chinese in America
The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history, heritage, culture and diverse experiences of people of Chinese descent in the United States. The greatly expanded MOCA at 215 Centre Street is a national home for the precious narratives of diverse Chinese American communities, and strives to be a model among interactive museums. 
In this branding project, I redefined  the visual system of the museum and used a simpler and clearer way to express the museume logo. The new logo is easily regarded as a capital letter "M" assembled with two symbols"人", which is a Chinese character means "human". It represents the theme and objective of the museum(M) : the immigration history of Chinese people (人) in the States.
Envelope and the back of letterhead.
Business Cards.
Member Cards.
Paper Folder for Member. 
Inside of the Paper Folder.
Take Away (Walking Tours's Take Away).
The Back of the Take Away.
Open Up the Walking Tours' Take Away. 
Introduction/ Promotion Brochure.
Inside of the Brochure.
Ticket / Receipt.
Sticker on the ticket.
Tickets of MOCA.
Calendar and Calendar Notebook.
Bottom of the Notebook.
Layout of the Calendar.
Way Finding System.
The VIP session.