Tide hunter

Animation was created for the band nousinthis during an illustration and visual communications course. The story introduces us to a slightly unusual hero, who, never leaving home, goes on an imagined adventure. Flying past fantastical landscapes, he stumbles upon a charming creature.
The color palette of the animation consists of seven colors.
In an artistic sense, it was fascinating to connect these different spaces, the kitchen’s reality and the heart’s fantasy.
Animation and illustration: Sasha Marchuk, Lena Martynova, Anna Chuyko

Credits: 00:00 - 02:05 — illustration, animation; main heroes illustration throughout the whole clip by Sasha Marchuk
02:06 - 03:01; 03:21 - 03:44 — illustration, animation; plants illustration throughout the whole clip by Lena Martynova
03:02 - 03:20; 03:45 - 04:01 — illustration, animation (cosmos, circles) by Anna Chuyko
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