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Tribute Pixel Art Poster

This is my tribute to many great things that crossed my life and left a mark.

This artwork was initially created as a cover of Joker magazine in 2005 and adapted into a poster a month later. However, there was a lot of unused space left due to time constraints.
June 2005 Joker Magazine cover
July 2005 Joker Magazine poster
My life then took a turn away from drawing as I focused on programming. After graduating from computer science in September 2011 I decided to return to this piece. In the following couple of months I slowly added in my more recent sources of inspiration to produce the completed Tribute poster.
Special Edition Print

I had a local printer create a special print for me on canvas. It turned out so great I decided to run a little special edition, signed and numbered, color corrected to perfectly match the digital version.
Society6 Print and Merchandise

The more affordable version of the print is made available by Society6. In addition I made some skins and t-shirts to order for myself.
For the Curious

The full list of references in this piece:

Space Invaders, Spiderman, Superman, Powerpuff Girls, Dial M for Monkey, X-Wing

Left building side:
Matrix Reloaded, Atari, Monty Python's Meaning of Life, Toobin', Wakeboarding Unleashed, Summoning Tsunami, The Battle of Los Angeles (Rage Against the Machine), Pirates of the Caribbean, 3D-Level, Neki Neznanec, Bacardi Superior, Peter 13., Johnny Bravo, The Sims, Retronator, Significant Other (Limp Bizkit), Zek Crew, Invader, Mario, Luigi, The Bananas, Badger Badger, Lotus Esprit Turbo, red-haired Smurfette

Right building side:
Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Thing, Lemmings, Urban Roof, 1107, SWS, Luka Marcetic, Monkey Labour Party Drive

Braid Dude, Day of the Tentacle, Ridiculous Fishing

Air duct & elevator:
Sonic the Hedgehog, Faith (Mirror's Edge), Vault Boy bobblehead & Nuka Cola caps (Fallout 3), Tails, Head crabs & Gordon Freeman (Half Life)

Level 1:
Three-headed monkey, Dexter & Dee-Dee (Dexter's Laboratory), Jacob (Gone Wishing), Duke Nukem

ZX Spectrum zone:
The Attack of ZX Spectrum, Speeder bike (Return of the Jedi), Ant Attack, Turbo Esprit, Skool Daze, Head over Tails, Joker, FEZ, Match Point, Batman: The Movie, Bomboholic, Knight Lore, Way of the Exploding Fist, Jetpack

Dos zone:
Prince of Persia, The Lost Vikings 2, Radscorpion (Fallout), Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Level 3:
DeviantArt, Sam & Max, Chocobo & Gold Saucer entrance (Final Fantasy VII), Darth Vader, Portal, Unatco & J.C. Denton & Gunther Hermann & Anna Navarre (Deus Ex)

Sadako (The Ring), Bill Gates, Beholder (AD&D), Behemoth (Final Fantasy), Cloud & Barret & Caith Sith (Final Fantasy VII)

42, Retronator, Mr. Destructoid (+ Max Scoville, Tara Long, Jonathan Holmes, Conrad Zimmerman)
Tribute Pixel Art Poster

Tribute Pixel Art Poster

My biggest pixel art work.