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36 Days of Type with food A-Z
The first day of 36 days of type happen to be the first time I tried an Avocado
 and my new x-acto knife was kept in its pack for a week now, till I finally decided to use it.

 I had an xacto, I had an avocado!

Thats how it all started. Everything I cut became a part of my meal that day.
A is with Avocado, that I tried for the first time.
B is with Banana, my everyday snack.
B is with Butter, that went well with my toast.
C is with Coconut, in the green chutney.
D is with Daikon, in my salad for lunch.
E is with Egg, that became my morning breakfast.
F is with Fig, among the handful of dryfruits I snacked on. 
G is with Green Apple, that tasted quite refreshing with mint.
H is with Honey Jelly, which didn't taste good.
The bee is quilled with paper and the wings have been made using OHP sheet. The honeycomb is made with paper as well.

I is with Iceberg lettuce, in my salad.
J is with Jackfruit, that was a really sweet dessert.
K is with Kiwi, that I dipped in sugar syrup and ate.
L is with Lemon, that served 4 glasses of lemonade.
The lemon butterfly is quiller with paper and the wings have been painted. The butterfly loves lemons and other citrus fruits.
M is with Mushroom, which was the perfect accompaniment on my garlic bread with cheese.
N is with Nigella seeds, that I know is called Kalonji in Hindi.
O is with Orange, which was very juicy.
P is with Pineapple, a fruit not so easy to cut.
Q is with Quinoa, that tasted great in my salad.
R is with Rice, that I eat everyday.
S is with Strawberry, in my strawberry cream dessert.
T is with Tomato, that is in almost every dish at home.
The stink bug is quilled with paper and is an insect that enjoys feeding on tomatoes.
U is with Unpasteurized Cheddar Cheese, that I melted on the garlic bread you see behind.
V is with Vinegar Jelly, that I was convinced would taste bad. 
W is with Walnut, that took the longest time to carve.
X is with Xīguā (Watermelon in Mandarin), thanks to Mandarin I didn't need to skip the letter x.
Y is with Yam, that became some really good elephant yam chips.
Z is with Zucchini, that soaked up all the soya sauce in my stir fry.
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36 Days of Type with food A-Z

36 Days of Type with food A-Z

This project is a series of letter I made for 36 Days of Type, 2017. All letters have been made using food.