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    Doodles for my brother.
And its everyday goings on
My brother joined the army, so for moral support I would send him drawings and pictures along with a weepy letter about how proud I was of him.

Turns out he appreciated the pictures more so than the hand-written sentiments of a sisters love.

So I quit the letters because I'm terrible at writing/articulating through literature/typography/spelling etc, and continued with the drawings.

I did him a series of crazy cities with all sorts of monsters and creatures doing all sorts of weird things. I kept them very simple, just black Rotring Pen on layout paper, no colour, neatly folded in an envelope and sent to him.

I've now continued the crazy cities project, and named it 'Georgeopolis' (because I'm terrible at naming things and George happens to be the name of my brother)

So here are a few development photos and finished pieces of various scenes; some in progress and some complete.