The Spook School + The Middle Ones + T-Shirt Weather

The Spook School have been off galavanting in That America, subverting the youth of tomorrow and casually hangin' out with heroes. No big deal. Now they're back home and returning to Glad for a Pop!South record 5th show!

The Middle Ones will be playing *just* their 3rd show for us, and their first in our usual home venue, but that doesn't mean we love them any less. Their gloriously lo-fi rambunctious pop has been released by everyone from themselves to the super-cool Where It's At Is Where You Are to also-super-cool Discount Horse and they've even relsead a split with lo-fi royalty Best Friends Forever. Per Discount Horse: "The Middle Ones are Anna and Grace. They are best friends. They play indie folk that’s tender, sometimes not so tender and super punk. I dare you to listen to these and not have your heart swell with absolute joy. I dare you."

Further proof of the formula pop + punk + Durham = awesome, T-shirt Weather are from Durham and play either punky pop or poppy punk. We're not sure which. Not that this is important, because clearly the fact that it's fun as hell is all that matters. Already Heard (link in the comments below) called their recent release on Odd Box Records, Flutter Through The Winter, "a 3 minute raw, jangly number that combines the trio's punk vigour with pop sensibilities."